Clarins Lippies Review


Clarins recently sent me a sample of their Water Lip Stain so I thought I’d review it along with the Instant Light Lil Comfort Oil.

I usually stay away from both lip oils and stains but I found that I liked both lip products.

The lip oil that was sent to me was Mint, and  just like the name this lip well had a nice mint smell. It applied clear on my lips and left a minty tingly feeling on my lips. It was a bit sticky,  it had a gloss like texture which I liked because  I’m not a huge fan of oily residue that I’ve dealt with other lip oils.

The lip stain was a cherry smelling bottle of joy. It was so easy to apply and so pigmented I didn’t even need to use a lot just a dab in the center of my lip and I feathered it out. It gave me a nice pinky lip. If I wanted to add more color,I could easily applied more layers.


Lip Oil – $26.00 (USD)

Lip Stain – $28.00 (USD)

I was as a little surprised of the price range Clarins is high end makeup/skincare line but still.  For these products a little goes a long way so you can stretch the usage.

I’d recommend these products if your looking for non-!heavy weighted products. It perfect for everyday application.

Do you guys use Lip stain or Lip oils or Both?


-Silk or Satin

Bloomingdales: Gucci and Jimmy Choo Shoe Presale

I was shocked to say the least when I saw that Bloomies was giving $25.00 dollars off every  $100.00 spent on shoes from Gucci.  Presale began two days ago according to my SA, who then also told me the sale applied to Jimmy Choo. Another SA noted this sale was a first for the company. It’s best to get this deal sooner rather than later. Sizes are dwindling so head over to Bloomingdales ASAP. The sale officially launches April 23, 2019.


– Silk or Satin

H&M + Moschino Collection

Photos from H&

Today H&M dropped its collab with iconic brand Moschino. All I can say is Jeremy Scott came through.

I cannot tell you how excited I was to hear about this collection. What a great way to add some designer pieces to you wardrobe without the having designer budget. Moschino does have affordable lines such as Boutique Moschino and Love Moschino worth checking out.

This collection stays true to Moschino with bold colors and animated prints. I love the TV theme from the logos to the use of Disney characters it screams Moschino. I probably wouldn’t have guess this line was from H&M at first glance. It features favorites like the Biker bag at a great price of $149.00.


Some Items are already sold out. But there is still plenty of pieces to purchase online. Select stores are carrying this collection so do your research.

Here’s a look at some of my favorite items.


This awesome belt is sold out online.


Did you get anything from this collection?

-Silk or Satin😘


OOTD: One dress, Two events


Dress – Clearance section at JCPenney

Heels – Call it Spring

Clutch- Group USA

Jewelry- Bangle from Coach,  Earrings from Afaze

Back in August I got invited to my cousin’s wedding only to get invited to another cousin’s engagement party all on the same night. I decided that I would attend both.

My dress didn’t break the bank costing only $10.00(USD). I did my own hair, so I splurged in getting my makeup done at Sephora.



Don’t mind me, this picture was taken at 1:30am 😭

When you have Silk(luxury)desires but a Satin (affordable) background you learn to look for deals. I am no stranger to bargain shopping. I hit the jackpot while scrolling through the sales rack at my local JCPenny.

To be honest most of my friends do not shop at JCP; however I find that this store has great clearance sales. I usually find cheap pieces for work and I’m talking blouses for $3.00(USD) cheap.

Protip: leave no store unturned when looking for a great buy!

-Silk or Satin


Drama in DramaLand (RIP DRAMAFEVER)

DramaFever mascot  Pig Rabbit

DramaFever left users shock and confused when the beloved streaming app abruptly shut down.

Story time:  when i’m not looking for great deals or livin my best life, I’m huddle in my room watching Korean Dramas.

Recently I’ve been watching the a drama called Devilish Joy, the series centers around an extremely rich doctor who fell in love with a ex-celebrity but has short term memory so he forgets everything the next day (Kinda like fifty first dates) . I missed a few episodes so I figured i’d  watch the latest binge and get up to date this past weekend.

I couldn’t access the app. I thought something was wrong with my phone. I turn my phone on/ off, refreshed the page. I went to the App Store to see if it needed an update, when I reliazed that I couldn’t find DramaFever.

A quick Google search made it clear. DramaFever was no more. The company was obtained by Warner Bros for sometime now and they decided to pull the plug on the drama watching app.  I have a paid subscribtion to this app and enjoyed using it. I’ve read so many comments from other users who are upset over the turn of events.  Its sad to see DramaFever  go. There are other drama apps and websites such as Crunchy Roll, VIKI, Hulu, and Netflix which features kdramas and kmovies; However DramaFever was an App solely dedicated towards Kdramas.

I guess Niche/indie streaming apps can’t survive against powerhouse streaming services such as hulu and Netflix.

Goodbye for now Pig Rabit

❤️ Silk or Satin

Lanvin Sample Sale



Lanvin ended it’s private turned public sample sale today with prices being 80-90% off retail. I learned of the sale from fashion’s favorite spy (MadisonAvenueSpy).

At 5 PM today I scurried to see what was left. It was my first time going to this sale. Having  read previous testimonials I wasn’t expecting  much. This sale is synonymous for having deep discounts, so you can imagine stock would  liquidate fast. There were lapel flowers pins that caught my eye (only $10.00USD) But when I got there they were none.😭

I saw plenty of  ready to wear for men and women. But I ignored it because finding my size in these high fashion sample sales is a rarity. They didn’t have my size in shoes either. So I hovered around the jewelry section.

Sometimes we go to the sales hoping that we will find something. You wait an all these lines, meet rude staff or shoppers, only to force yourself into buying something that you really didn’t need. It really is better just to walk away; However I did not do that😂. I ended up walking away with a necklace. It was kind of pricey (definitely Over my usual jewelry budget) but I bought it so I have to love it.


This piece retails for $1,290.00 and I snagged it for $140.00 after taxes. This is definitely a silky (luxury) purchase but this pendant is a beautiful statement piece that I know I’ll get wear out of (it makes me want to plan a whole trip to Paris).

Because no phones were allowed in the venue. While shopping I didn’t get to Google the item to get background info. When I went home I was pleased to find that this necklace even on sale online was more than what I paid for.

EB1FA707-1A75-4C06-9947-6B9988275D40 Inflated original price but sale price still pricey.
C8D4E557-8685-4493-A941-39DEB8047DE4 Listed this necklace at $375.00.

Overall the sale was very pleasurable. I didn’t have to wait in any lines, the staff was very friendly and knowledgeable. And the fellow shoppers were just as enjoyable company. I would love the chance to go to the sale again.



New York Comic Con



Hotmess @ NYCC

New York Comic Con wrapped up early this month. I got the chance to experience NYCC for one day. Here’s a look at all the awesomeness.

This was my third time attending NYCC. The last time I went was back in 2015, so its definitely been in a while. Rather than go early like I’ve done before, I went later in the day because I had work.


When it came down to my outfit I usally try to go simple (makeup, nice graphic tee, Jeans and sneakers you know low key). My plan was to change from work but that was a fail. So I went in my work ensemble a.k.a hotmess.

Luckily SYFY Wire had a fan lounge were you could get mini make overs. I asked for “mermaid vibes and glitter.”My lovely makeup artist Rose went all out. I got both compliments and stares. The best part was commuting from New York to New Jersey in this get up.(I’m positive I was someone’s snapchat post)

The real fun was taking this off. #doyouseetheglitter

I loved all the booths with a photo element. There was plenty of Instagram-able moments and photobooth setups.


Being the anime lover that I am I enjoyed the Dragon Ball booth as well as Toei Animation’s booth. I tend to hover the Anime/manga sections but I made my rounds around the convention ground.


Even if you think NYCC won’t be your thing you’re wrong! there is so much to do, you’ll have some sort of enjoyable moment.  Overall I had an great time and can’t wait to go again.



-Silk or Satin

Truth or Dare?


Truth or Dare?

Dare : Rewear a dress to an event.

Truth: I already have.


Dress- Besty & Adam ( Got this for about thirty-something dollars at Macy’s Last Act section)

Shoes –  Heels though you can’t see them are from Forever 21

Bag – Group USA formal wear

Jewelry – Earrings  from Swarovski

Choker and bracelet from Forever 21

Wedding season officially started for me when  I was invited to my cousin’s cousin wedding back in April.

I thought to do the unthinkable wear a dress that I was already photographed in (gasp).

I wore this color block dress to a sweet sixteen about two years ago. I love the dress so much I thought why not? These guests haven’t seen me in it. Tiffany Haddish does it. Plus what am I going to do with all these one time worn dresses.

Because I was rewearing this dress I opted to get my makeup and hair professionally done. Which cost me a total of $120.00 dollars, that alone could be the cost of a dress but imagine if I purchased a new dress along with beauty and hair services.

When it comes to going to multiple events in a short time span I found it  helpful to budget and prioritize the events. I wanted to splurge on my future events so I opted to rewear a dress which saved me some coins.

Have you ever reworn an outfit for a formal event?

Loved my makeup.


Home girl caught the bouquet 💐 
Sis just trying to live her best life.

– Silk or Satin

National Lipstick Day💄

Happy National Lipstick Day!


Today is dedicated to lipstick. While most beauty brands offer discounts in celebration you can score a free full size tube of lipstick from M.A.C cosmetics and IT cosmetics.

Like most people wanting freebies I waited on line at M.A.C last year only to have my dreams crushed. So I wasn’t hopeful this time around; nonetheless I had to go to Macy’s and to my surprise there was a fast moving line in front of the store !

I was with my mom and we got a few lippies for ourselves and some family members. And as an added bonus Sephora was giving out free masks all weekend (today is the last day) so we scored that as well.



I got a total of seven tubes of lipstick. At first I was hesitant in going back in line to grab a lippie but everyone was doing it. I wonder if next year it will have a limit (hopefully not).


Me and my mom ended up getting the same colors Chintz (a frosty brown) and Delish ( a frosty pink). My cousins got the same as well. My aunty opted for Aloof ( a lustre Pink).


Sephora also was giving out free sheet masks. My mom and I both got a rose essence mask.


Every one loves a good freebie especially full size beauty products.

Did you get anything?

Furla Sample Sale



Furla wrapped up its three day sample sale event yesterday. I went the first day but nothing stood out to me. My rule of thumb, never force yourself to buy something at a sample sale.


Prices were tempting and the sale feature items from the current season. I’m hoping the beloved Italian brand will host another sale maybe then I’ll walk away with something.


Great Gatsby


You don’t have to wear a dress to a formal event.

Suit – Donna Karen New York

Shoes – Oxford booties from Payless Shoe Souce (Don’t judge)

Earrings – Aldo Accessories

Black Tank Top: Forever 21

Motto of the night: Don’t be a Flapper, Just be a Gangsta!

It seems my social calendar is filled up this year with a lot of events. This event was in honor of one of my aunts who turned 65. She threw a Gatsby themed party. If there is one thing I remember from reading the Great Gatsby was that a party thrown by Gatsby would be filled with opulence and glamour.

When it came down to outfit choice I didn’t want to be like your typical token flapper girl. I pictured being like Kourtney Kardashian who threw a Gatsby themed party for her mother. She wore a suit and that seemed more like esthic I was feeling.


I opted for a navy blue double pin strip suit, paired with oxford booties. I slicked back my hair into a bun and pared some sparkle earrings to complete my outfit. For makeup I kept it simple with gold on my eyes and a pop of red on the lips.



I love my outfit choice but after the party was said and done I found a tons of websites with vintage theme outfits and accessories. Here are two website I really liked:


RenttheRunway Ml

If your really into the spirit of the roaring twenties, I recently saw that Net-A- Porter had a Gucci head piece that would surely add opulence to a Gatsby theme party only costing $980.00(USD).


While I was tempted to wear a glitzy dress feathers and pearls,  I’m pleased with my outfit choice.


-Cheers !


M.A.C NICOPANDA Lipstick Review


Panda, Panda, Panda, Panda, Panda


Early April, Macy’s Hearld Square had a Panda Party to launch M.A.C newest collection NicoPanda by Nicola Formichetti. I was trying not to fall prey to every new M.A.C collection so I didn’t pay and attention to it. Until…..

I got a text message from M.A.C about the cute collection and the more I stared at the more I convinced myself.

Now, here we are.


I wasn’t too bad. I opted for a lilac lipstick called Kawaii Party ( Kawaii is the word for cute in Japanese). It kinda reminds me little bit of the shade Men love Mystery and Lavender Jade.

The packaging was very kawaii to say the least. The lipstick ditches M.AC’s trademark black bullet. Instead the lipstick is housed in a black barrel and a Panda head adorns a white cylinder cap. Even the box the lipstick comes in   Is Kawaii with a pink interior, pandas and  letters spelling NicoPanda all over the box.


I like the rich texture of M.A.C lippies so This lipstick wasn’t any different.

Kawaii Party retails for $18.50(USD)

All in all it’s a cute lipstick I can see myself using in the spring/summer.

You can still shop the collection a stores and websites where M.A.C is sold.

-Michelle M. 😊

Herschel Sample Sale

Sample Sale season is in full swing. The Rebbeca Minkoff sample sale started yesterday, today the Helmutlang sample sale began and last week Herschel had its sample sale.

260SS housed the Herschel’s sample sale and I knew what that meant (everybody and their momma would be at this sale).

Surprisingly that wasn’t the case. I went opening day and there was a short line upon arrival but it was moving fast. I noticed that there was still alot of stock left. There were plenty of repetitive prints used on backpacks, wallets, totes etc. You could find luggage large backpacks, tech gear, small accessories and leather goods, clothing and plenty of hats; but the prices weren’t cutting for it for me. Yet people were buying and the store said they weren’t restocking.


I ended up getting one backpack for $30.00(USD) but they charged $10.00(USD) extra for a strip of leather. So the price bump up to $40.00(USD).


I wanted to get my friend a duffel bag because  she mentioned that she wanted one from the brand so I scoped out the luggage section.  I didn’t like the styles but this bright red one stuck out. I just picked it up for only $30.00(USD). I was able to find this bag retailing for about sixty dollars.


I went on Friday and there were no backpacks only small accessories, hats and some clothing. 

The first time I went to Herschel’s Sample sale was last year. It lasted two days. I went on the second day at 6:30pm there was no line, it was crowed but there was boxes filled with bags backpacks wallets pouches racks of clothing. I must note 260 Sample Sale wasn’t hosting the event.

I spent $80.00(USD) on a variety of items plus they gave $5.00(USD) offtowards the end of the sale.

In my opinion, I didn’t like the outcome of this sample sale because I got such a great deal last year, But I always go with the golden rule of no expectations that way I won’t be too disappointed.


Happy Shopping!

-Michelle M.

Wedding Season is Here!



I have a few weddings to go this summer and I couldn’t be anymore excited . I love weddings especially, Guyanese weddings because the extraness of it all. The outfits, the ceremony, the family the drama (you can’t leave out the drama.) I look forward to blogging about all up coming events.

Happy Sunday!

– Michelle

Jill Stuart Sample Sale


Jill Stuart ended one of its sample sale this week. I was a bit confused because the trendy brand had two sales going on, one at the Jill Stuart showroom and the other in SoHo.

But the sale I’m referring to is the one held at the Jill Stuart showroom. I literally arrived ten minutes to closing so I was discombobulated and disappointed.

There was a rack with items for $15.00 dollars. I saw sweaters and lots of dresses.


Most items (sigh) couldn’t fit me so I didn’t pay too much attention to the clothing. I heard that this sale had beauty products. I’ve always wanted to try Jill Stuart beauty.


I bought two lippie products retail valued at $28.00 USD but I got them for five bucks each.



The package alone is so cute and regal looking. I can’t wait to try these out. I wish I checked out this sale earlier because they had more beauty items. I did notice a lovely glass display box with some desirable beauty goodies that were on hold for someone.


If you want to check out Jill Stuart’s Vintage Pop Up do head to 171 Elizabeth Street.

-Happy Shopping

Marc Jacobs Sample Sale


Elbow stabbing, cutting lines, and forgetting manners! It can only mean the Marc Jacobs Sample sale has returned.

Yesterday the ever popular Marc Jacobs sample sale opened its doors at 260SampleSale fifth ave location and lines were ridiculous.  I got there at about 6:45pm the store apparently closes as 7pm but 260 was accommodating the crowd.


The Sale offered discounts of up to 85% off. I didn’t pay any attention to the clothing racks, but I did notice very nice leather jackets for men. I pretty much hovered around the accessory bins.

Here is a look at what I got:

Tote – $15.00 USD
Men’s Socks – $2.70, $3.60 USD
Cosmetic pouch – $7.00 USD

I was contemplating on going to the hush hush turned public LAVIN sample sale but thought I’d get more deals at Marc Jacobs. This sample sale last until Sunday so it’s worth checking out. I’m sure prices will go down so if your not looking for anything in particular it may be worth the wait.

Did anyone go to the Marc Jacobs or Lavin sample sale? Please let me know in the comment section.

Happy Shopping.




Polyvore has changed into  SSense.

All I can say is WTF!

After creating this blog, my next step was to create a Polyvore account associated with the name Silk or Satin. I have been using plyvore for over six years. I love the concept of creating a digital fashion board/set. The cool thing is that you could create a fashion set and all the products and prices could be linked to the image. It was perfect for blogs.

When I searched for the website I was confused that I was being redirected to SSense. Did they change there name?  I thought. Okay, that’s fine but how do I make my sets?

My heart ached when I realized what happened.

Really anyone can make a collage and note price information etc. But polyvore made it super easy and there was a community alongside the creativeness of it all. I am sad to say the least.

In a statement issued by SSense it was declared that Ployvore would not be coming back.

Ployvore users are looking to alternatives but in my opinion as of now nothing can quite compare to Polyvore.

Here is a look at some of my favorite Polyvore sets I made for a old anime fashion themed blog I had. (I’m glad I saved these.)


Goodbye Friend.




Dolce & Gabbana Store Opening


The Italian designer duo Dolce & Gabbana opened a new store front in Soho that had everyone in attendance.

D&G recently showcased it’s Alta Moda Show this past weekend, but Wednesday the brand opened a new trendy boutique in Soho. The multi – level shop pays homage to the youth culture in New York. With its bright neon lights and funky prints its safe to say this store is social media worthy.

I was actually in line at the Versace sample sale when a pretty looking food truck rolled up, photographers swarmed the vehicle taking pictures as it drove away.  A lady in front of me told another person that there was a party happening at D&G’s new Mercer street location.


I stopped by to see if I could get a glimpse of the action.

First off, there was a full blown protest outside the venue. Protesters held Anti-Fur signs while chanting but the event did not stop. Police had barricade certain points of the street and in the end they allowed us (or at least a few ) to get closer.



The brand launched a capsule collection exclusively for this store, complete with fashion show and musical performance by singer/model/ actress Justine Skye .

Fashion who’s who like Naomi Campbell and Christian Combs were in attendance. Lets not forget all the millennial socialites and influencers some of which were modeling the exclusive collection. But the real highlight for me was seeing the Designers.

Shop the capsule collection at Dolce & Gabbanna’s new Soho Boutique, located at 155 Mercer St, New York, NY 10012.

– Stay Fabulous!


Silk or Satin?

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Silk or Satin isn’t about choosing one over another its about a love for both. I created this blog to document how I try to balance a luxy lifestyle with a modest budget. It’s a look in to my life, mixed with fashion, and all the things I love.

I can’t wait to share more with you all.

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